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Radio Dead Spots and Expense Upgrades Got You Down?


Does your department experience 'dead posts' in your pager and radio coverage?

Want to avoid replacing current pagers and radios with expensive digital radios?

Do you need to be grant compliant with P25 requirements (all HLS sponsored communications grant)?





If you've ever asked yourself these questions and answered yes, Harris can help!

Walky PicIn partnership with Tait Communications, Harris can replace current analog base stations with Harris IP based simulcast Analog/Digital base stations network. The product is called AS-IP, Analog Simulcast over an IP network.

Benefits include:

  • Improved pager and radio coverage (eliminate dead spots) with a service area design
  • Is P25 capable and qualifies for HLS grants
  • Will operate in conventional mode (no pager or radio replacement)
  • Is upgradeable to digital operation via software, no hardware replacement or upgrade
  • Provides a gradual migration path to digital by purchasing new radios as budgets allow

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Learn MoreWant to check out this equipment and learn more? Come by the Harris booth at FDIC #3030 

Our contracts have been publicly solicited and awarded by a Lead Public Agency through an RFP process. Your department is able to “piggy-back” on the contract, eliminating the need to complete your own RFP process.

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