Municipal Street Lighting Solutions Webinar

American City & County Webinar

If you’re considering utilizing our WESCO contract for your street lighting solutions, this webinar is a good resource for you!

For several decades High Pressure Sodium (HPS) technology has dominated municipal street lighting applications.  Today, this dominance has given way to LED solutions, which offer economic, environmental, and illumination quality benefits over HPS and other similar technologies. Still, with all the benefits LED technology offers, not all residents living in neighborhoods with LED streetlights would agree that these installations are actually an improvement. Combine this with the American Medical Association’s comments regarding the possible negative effects of LED lighting and many communities are now confused regarding what type of LED lighting is appropriate not only for their streets, but for other common outdoor areas in their communities as well.

During this webinar, participants will learn about:

  • Review from a historical perspective, how outdoor LED luminaires have evolved from the early installations nearly a decade ago to the products of today with an emphasis on both economic need and the human experience.
  • Examine the American Medical Association’s recommendations as it relates to community-based LED lighting and its concern with blue-rich light.
  • Describe the many known benefits of LED lighting and its positive impact on communities.
  • Identify LED streetlight implementation risks as it relates to the human experience and describe strategies that can help communities succeed in the eyes of their residents.

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