NPPGov Joins National Cooperative Procurement Partners

December 1, 2015

NPPGov Joins National Cooperative Procurement Partners

WASHINGTON, D.C. – NPPGov, one of the nation’s largest cooperative procurement organizations, announces their recent membership in the National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP) as a cooperative procurement organization member.

“As changes in the public procurement industry evolve, progressive organizations like NPPGov are seeking organizational partners to enable best practice sharing, while challenging historical perspectives to chart future procurement models. We believe that accepting NPPGov as a member will help make for a strategic partnership of change.” said Marc Selvitelli, Executive Director of NCPP.

NCPP aims to expand their membership program through a wide range of opportunities and benefits. With a customizable approach, NCPP accepts various organizations interested in cooperative procurement to improve processes, quality and access to cooperative procurement programs. “We believe this relationship with NCPP will further our organizational goal of being a leader in delivering value to our members and vendor partners as a cooperative procurement organization. This is just the beginning of what we anticipate to be a significant push towards improving the procurement industry and ultimately the customers we serve,” said Crosby Grindle, Vice President of NPPGov. “NCPP is excited to have NPPGov join our organization,” Selvitelli said “We believe our cultures, values and missions are well-aligned and that this membership will position us both for continued success.” NPPGov is a cooperative procurement organization offering public entities and non-profits access to a large portfolio of publicly solicited contracts with world class vendors. NPPGov has over 15 years of experience, including significant peer-to-peer relationships with associations to effectively grow business for their vendor partners. Learn more at


About the National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP)

The National Cooperative Procurement Partners is committed to working together to promote the highest level of business ethics, best practices, and standards to serve the procurement needs of government, education and non-profit agencies across the country. Learn more at

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