Procurement Solutions

shaking-handsNational Purchasing Partners Government Division (NPPGov) is a cooperative purchasing organization owned by Virginia Mason, a nonprofit healthcare center in Seattle, WA. A cooperative purchasing organization is a cost savings vehicle available to public entities offering publicly solicited contracts. Contracts are competitively solicited by a Lead Public Agency in accordance with government purchasing regulations. The contracts include “piggybacking” language allowing utilization by NPPGov members, government entities across the nation. NPPGov is not a reseller, but rather a channel that offers publicly awarded agreements to local and state Government entities throughout the nation. NPPGov members are eligible to purchase through our competitively solicited contracts directly with awarded suppliers, saving time and money.

Want to Become a Vendor?

NPPGov contracts are established through a public Request For Proposal (RFP) process conducted by one of NPPGov’s public entity partners. The public entity serves as the “Lead Public Agency.” Lead Agencies may be a fire department, city or any other governmental entity. The RFP includes language indicating that the vendor’s response will be available for all NPPGov members, thus establishing the availability for nationwide use of the resulting contracts. Vendors who successfully compete in the RFP process and are subsequently awarded a Master Price Agreement with the Lead Public Agency and execute a Vendor Administration Agreement with NPPGov are then marketed to NPPGov membership.

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Current Vendor Representatives

If you are a representative for a vendor that already has a contract through the NPPGov program, complete this form to be put in contact with your NPPGov representative.

Your NPPGov representative can help you:

  • Verify NPPGov membership status of your customers and potential customers
  • Provide collateral and contract documentation
  • Explain the program and answer any questions you may have
  • Organize a training opportunity to benefit you and others in your organization