Understanding Cooperative Purchasing

Publicly Awarded Contracts

Competitively bid agreements are publicly solicited and awarded through a Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by a Lead Public Agency. National Purchasing Partners serves as a nationwide channel to offer publicly awarded agreements to public entities.  Publicly awarded contracts are established through the following process:



  • The Lead Public Agency prepares an RFP, incorporating the required cooperative purchasing language that allows public entities across the nation to access (piggyback) the contract.
  • Suppliers respond to the RFP and the Lead Public Agency evaluates and awards the Master Price Agreement (MPA).
  • Members can review all documents online and access contract pricing by signing the Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreement (IGA).
  • Our competitively bid process is consistent with AFG guidelines.
  • Please consult your legal counsel for confirmation in your jurisdiction, or contact our legal counsel at 877.329.8847

State Statutes

Each state treats cooperative purchasing differently. To learn more about your individual states purchasing laws please visit our state statute page.