Seattle Fire Department Purchases SCOTT Safety SCBAs Through FireRescue GPO MES Contract


We are often asked for examples of our contracts being used to help save entities time and money. After all, the whole point of cooperative procurement is to provide contract solutions to meet the procurement needs of more than one government entity and save them time and money in the process. While thousands of examples can be found across the country it is notable when all the pieces come together for a significant procurement. NPPGov / FireRescue GPO recently had the opportunity to be a part of one of those significant events.


The City of Seattle and the Seattle Fire Department were working on a department-wide upgrade to the type of breathing apparatus their firefighters use to meet the current NFPA 1981 Standards. This would require a major procurement for this expensive and mission critical life safety equipment. “Ensuring our firefighters have the equipment they need to stay safe and perform their jobs is our first priority,” said Assistant Chief A.D. Vickery. “Working with MES allowed us to obtain the gear we needed in the required time frame.” In order to complete the procurement in a timely fashion and take advantage of the FEMA AFG money available, the City elected to take advantage of a cooperative contract made available through the NPPGov/FireRescue GPO program. Seattle Fire Department worked with nationally recognized fire equipment distributor, MES, to complete a multi-million dollar purchase of Scott Safety SCBA equipment.





In this example, the publicly solicited, cooperative procurement contract option worked well to satisfy the procurement requirements of the municipality and the needs of the fire department, while taking advantage of available federal funding. The vendor was able to fulfill the requirements of the fire department without having to complete a time consuming RFP response, passing the savings on to the department. While the use of a cooperative contract is not always the best route, it often provides time and cost savings to those involved and in this case, everyone benefited.

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