Actsoft, Inc.


Advanced Wireless Forms, Mobile Workforce Management, GPS Tracking Software, Wireless Time Clock

Products and Services

Advanced Wireless Forms: Turn any paper into a wireless clone with the same information. Save time by transferring information with wireless speed. Save paper and eliminate double entry. Available in web-based or client hosted versions with all three Comet Suite products – or as a stand-alone application.

Comet EZ: Entry-level web-based solution. Capabilities include GPS location tracking, geo-fencing and alerts (email or text) and detailed (on-demand or scheduled) reporting.

Comet Tracker: A cloud or enterprise based platform that offers all the features of Comet EZ plus: Wireless time clock, advanced data collection capabilities, panic alert, work order management, and Supervisor time entry.

Comet Mobile Worker: The most robust package. Provides businesses with a completely wireless operational management system. Includes all of Comet Tracker’s features plus: Calendars, automated customer communications, work order/invoice updating from the field, work order sequencing, excessive stop time alerts, Advanced Wireless Forms, and more.

Features and Benefits

GPS Tracking: Captured GPS data allows customers to view worker locations, history, and speed on easy-to-read maps. See the locations of multiple mobile employees in a glance. Deploy “closest-to” with ease.

Wireless Time Clock: Mobile employees can clock in and out via their handset – directly from the field. Reduces overtime and wasted trips. All information is time/date/location stamped.

Polygon Geofencing: Set up a virtual fence around specific areas. Receive alerts when an employee leaves and/or enters that set perimeter. Flexible and easy for customizable areas that aren’t identified by, or associated with, a landmark. Polygon Geofencing gives the ability to define up to 39 individual points.

Panic Button: Allows employees to trigger silent alert notifying office of an emergency. Great for the transportation industry (roadside emergencies), medical (for safety), and construction for “man down.”

Wireless Forms: Converting paper forms to a wireless version saves time, trees, and money.

Pricing / Benefits

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Company Overview

Actsoft, Inc., based in Tampa, Florida, is a leading developer of mobile workforce management and wireless GPS tracking software. Founded in 1996, it is an established provider of products that help companies of all sizes manage their mobile resources.
Their products help improve workflow, efficiencies and processes across many industries including construction, education, field services, health care, transportation and utilities, and federal and state agencies.

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