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Airgas is the largest supplier of Medical, Specialty and Industrial Gases and Bulk Products in North America and the largest producer of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide.

Products and Services

  • Airgas Safety Products: Complete safety products from personal protective wear to work, fire house, construction site, emergency preparedness.
  • Medical Gases: Airgas is the leader in providing medical gases to the industry such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide and more. Medical Mixtures are available for all uses and device calibration.
  • Cryogenic Products: Airgas is the leader in Cryogenic Products and Services providing Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Co2 and Nitrous Oxide for all uses, medical and industrial. Cryogenic Service and installation is available for all markets, including EMS.
  • Industrial Gases & Equipment: Airgas is the leader in Industrial Equipment from Welding, Metal Working and Construction. From material handling and safety products, Airgas is your source for equipment, supplies and technical assistance.
  • EMS Products and Gas Accessories: Airgas can provide you with all the products you need for the EMS, Fire House and Emergency Services. Aluminum cylinders for sale or rent, WOB the integrated cylinder regulator and valve, EMS Liberator Liquid Oxygen Supply Tank for your Ambulance, cylinder gas regulators for all applications, sodalime for Anesthesia Equipment to scrup the CO2 from the gas steam, medical soft goods, 02 masks, cannulas, tubing, ambu bags, nebulizer, circulaire, cylinder storage, racks, carts, portable solutions and more.
  • Dental Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia Equipment: Various Configurations, Portable and Stationary, Wall Mount and more.
  • Elder and LSP Resuscitation Equipment and Kits: Various Styles and Configurations available.
  • Oxygen Cylinder Transfill Systems and Supplies: Various options and configurations available, manual and automatic analyzers, vacuum pumps, seals, washers and more.
  • Emergency Oxygen Preparedness Kit / NOK KIT: A sealed and ready to go Emergency Cart with 80 E Cylinders, regulators, masks and more ready in case of a disaster.

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Company Overview

Airgas was established in 1983 by Mr. Peter McCausland. Airgas began as a small acquisition and grew to the 3+ Billion Dollar Company it is today. Airgas is the largest supplier of Medical, Specialty and Industrial Gases and Bulk Products in North America and the largest producer of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. Well over 1000 Branch and 1100 Distribution locations with over 10,0000 employees creating a company with the highest customer service and commitment to our customer. On April 1, 2004 two of the strongest names in the medical gas industry joined together, Airgas and Puritan Medical Products to give medical gas customers unique new advantages. Airgas Puritan Medial now offers the industry’s largest distribution network, the widest range of products and services backed by 112 years of experience and integrity dedicated to the medical and Industrial markets.

Contact Information

Customer Service Contact
Airgas Sales
James Lucito
Phone: 877.717.4540 x11263
NPPGov Customer Service
Phone: 877.329.8847
Mailing Address
259 Radnor-Chester Rd Ste 100
Radnor, PA 19087