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Club W works directly with wine makers. There are no middlemen, which means you get better wine for less. Shipping directly to you also means we can invest in smaller, more unique lots. We’re not subject to volume quotas and don’t have expensive brand marketing campaigns to support.

Products and Services

You’re getting three bottles of wine from the sommeliers at Club W.

Not sure what to choose? Let Club W find a few bottles you might like.

Pick any of the featured bottles.

You’ll learn a little something. Each bottle comes with flavor notes, vineyard backstories and pairing ideas.

Everything will be sent right to your door.

Pricing / Benefits

Pricing available to current NPPGov members only.

This is a NOT a Publicly Awarded Contract

All members are urged to seek independent review by their legal counsel to ensure compliance with all state and local requirements. Call NPPGov/FireRescue GPO, Bruce Busch, Legal Counsel, with questions or comments at 877.329.8847

Company Overview

Club W is so Much More Than a Wine Club

We are a global winery and we’re all about making ridiculously delicious wine at a fantastic price. We build direct relationships with vineyards and farmers to make exceptional small lot wines at prices impossible to achieve at retail, we match them up to your palate, and deliver them directly to your doorstep.

Quality Wine. No Middlemen. Saving you Money.

We create your Palate Profile. You find wines you love.

Contact Information

Club W Service Contact
Office: 855.282.5829


NPPGov Customer Service
Phone: 877.329.8847