For a quarter century, Dynamo has produced revolutionary designs that promise and deliver the kind of real adventure and excitement that fuels children’s imagination.

Products and Services

True play value has many factors. High user capacity with less space & materials used than traditional designs, universal availability in each structure, and long-term durability are only some of the key points that Dynamo features.

Play Attraction

Our exciting Dynamo games will appeal to children of all ages, from pre-school to teens, and crowds of them. You won’t believe how many kids will come when you open your new Dynamo inspired playground!

Play Retention

Getting the children to stay outside and play is never a problem with our active inclusive game designs. More fun than a virtual world, they will stay engaged for hours. Your only problem may be getting them home for supper.

Play Return

Kids can be fickle, but we guarantee children will want to go back and play on our Dynamo playgrounds again and again. Buyers of our playground equipment will always receive fantastic value for their investment.

Dynamo offers innovative product lines such as:

-Rotating Climbers

-Biggo Swings

-Frame Nets

-Mast Nets & Tot Nets

-Climbing Rocks

-Nature Play

-Basketball Systems

-Creative Concepts and Custom Design

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Company Overview

For a quarter century, we’ve produced revolutionary designs that promise and deliver the kind of real adventure and excitement that fuels children’s imagination. Rope rockets that reach the stars, Biggo swings that travel the world like flying carpets, Basketball courts that last a lifetime are just a few of the ways that Dynamo has re-ignited playground magic.

Never limited by industry norms, we took the lead and created a new standard in fun and innovation. Revolutionary looks, meticulous attention to detail and a global search for the finest materials and methods have come together to create today’s safest playgrounds, that stand apart and rare designed to last for generations to come.

Contact Information

Rob Lockhart
Email: rob@dynamoplaygrounds.com

Sandra St-Jean
Email: sstjean@dynamoplaygrounds.com

Phone: 800-790-0034

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