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Level 3 Communications® is an international communications company, headquartered in Broomfield, CO.

Products and Services

In brief: on demand teleconferencing and web collaboration, simple and easy to use and anytime dial in. Features and benefits: subscription service/or not, online tools, multi-level passcodes, muliple, geographically distributed systems (offer disaster protection) emeeting web collaboration, knowledgeable service and support and global “800” numbers.

  • Call a meeting with anyone, anywhere, anytime without reservations. Communicate efficiently among a group – worldwide, without travel or elaborate arrangements.
  • Distribute information and share opinions in real time with Level 3 Ready-Access and emeeting.
  • Increase meeting productivity with online Web Moderator and eMeeting Services for managing meetings and sharing computer-based content interactively.
  • Record your conference and share it with others on the web.

Pricing / Benefits

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Company Overview

From its beginning, Level 3 Communications was founded on the principles of the Silicon Economicssm cycle: create a global telecommunications network with the scale to reduce unit costs, stimulate demand with these lower costs, support that demand by scaling even more. Level 3 created a network that serves as a foundation for the communications services of the 21st century by providing, among other things, information transmission over a fiber optic network and media delivery over a content delivery network. And we’ve grown to support the end-to-end communications services that businesses and carriers rely on.

Contact Information

Jeremy Roberts
Phone: 801.572.6060
Fax: 866.727.4947
Email: jroberts@globalconf.com

NPPGov Customer Service
Phone: 877.329.8847
Email: customerservice@nppgov.com

Mailing Address
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Draper, UT 84020