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Founded in 1993, Safety Vision, LLC is among the most recognized vendors of mobile video surveillance products in North America. Our products are used by agencies, companies, and organizations to provide elements of mobile safety, which in turn save them time, resources, and money.  Key industries include: Mass Transit, Law Enforcement, Work and Transportation Trucks, First Responders, and Pupil Transportation.

Products and Services

Safety Vision provides rugged and reliable body worn camera and in-car video solutions, each with compatible video management software. Safety Vision’s body worn camera, the Prima Facie, exhibits the ability to record 1080P video, take high resolution still images, or record audio only. The Prima Facie always provides the most appropriate evidence collecting solution. With automatic infrared illuminators for heightened vision at night, a two way radio port that allows the Prima Facie to act as a Push-To-Talk radio, and a compact, user-friendly housing, a Prima Facie is one of the least expensive pieces of equipment a user can have on their body or in their car, and it provides maximum value. In April 2015, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) graded the Prima Facie as equal as or greater than all other commercially available body worn cameras.Safety Vision’s latest in-car video system, the ICOP PROTM, includes an optional Power Control Monitor (PCM), allowing officers to easily start and review recordings all from the comfort of their squad car. An innovative “mark” feature allows critical events to be flagged for future review, and “mirror recording” ensures important video clips are duplicated to a secondary SD card, reducing your liability. Video may easily be pulled via SD card, hard drive, or wirelessly. The ICOP PRO is compatible with the most popular legacy ICOP accessories: the MCAM2 and EXTREME wireless mic.

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Company Overview

Safety Vision designs and supplies products that help improve visibility to protect assets, reduce liability, maximize operational efficiency and, most importantly, enhance safety. Safety Vision entered the law enforcement market in 2004 and has since earned a solid reputation by providing the law enforcement community with rugged and reliable video capture and management systems. Police, military, homeland security, and other public service officials use our proven equipment and software to provide high quality and unbiased records of events. To guarantee our customer’s satisfaction, our knowledgeable customer support network is available to provide you and your department or agency with expert installation, product training, and troubleshooting services. Safety Vision is headquartered in Houston, Texas where our wholly-owned 40,000 sq. foot building resides. Our  knowledgeable sales, marketing, client support, and administrative teams maintain close customer contact while the product development, service, warehouse, and installation teams maintain operations. An on-site, four-tier 35,000 sq. foot warehouse stores over seven million dollars of inventory. Safety Vision has 100+ employees. Satellite employees are strategically positioned in Alabama, California, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oregon to better serve our North American customers. As well, installation technicians are located throughout the United States as Safety Vision provides nationwide installation and service. Safety Vision’s expertise and knowledge are grounded in its long history which has provided a thorough understanding of the mobile applications of video technology. Safety Vision prides itself on its forward-thinking ideology, comprehensive solutions, extensive client list, and proven results.


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