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Sonim Technologies is the provider of the world’s most rugged, water-submersible mobile phones designed specifically for workers in demanding and hazardous environments. We specialize in workforce-critical communication tools for vertical industries including construction, public safety, oil, gas and chemical operations, utilities, transportation and logistics, hospitals, forestry, agriculture and defense.

Products and Services

Sonim XP5: Ultra Rugged Push to talk phone, Sonim XP6: Ultra Rugged smartphone, Sonim XP6 Intrinsically safe, Sonim XP7: Ultra Rugged smartphone with world’s longest battery, Sonim XP7 Public Safety, Sonim XP7 Intrinsically safe, Sonim XP5560 Bolt: Ultra Rugged Dual Mode Featured Phone, Sonim XP5560 Bolt 2 Intrinsically safe, Sonim ENDURO: Ultra Rugged CDMA clamshell phone, Sonim XP STRIKE: Ultra Rugged CDMA featured phone, Sonim XP STRIKE Intrinsically safe, Sonim XP1520 SL: Ultra Rugged dual mode HSPA GSM featured phone, Sonim XP3405 SHIELD: Ultra Rugged 3G CDMA featured phone.

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Company Overview

Sonim has partnered with industry leading application developers to provide a suite of high-performance workforce-critical applications such as push-to-talk, lone worker/man-down safety services, mobile resource management and time and activity verification. Our solutions enable companies and governments to make their field workforces safe, efficient and accountable.

Sonim phones are backed by a three-year comprehensive warranty, covering not only manufacturing defects, but even accidental damage. Sonim is also the international leader in intrinsically safe phones, devices certified to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California and offers its solutions through the world’s leading mobile carriers.

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