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Ward Diesel No Smoke System is a nationwide company specializing in vehicle mounted exhaust systems. The system was designed specifically for the fire and emergency service industry. The device is mounted directly onto each diesel emergency apparatus and will operate automatically as the vehicle leaves and returns to the station. In addition to the automated features, there is a manual override that will allow emergency personnel to utilize the system on-scene, to better protect personnel and the community members they are serving from the exhaust fumes being emitted into the air.

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Company Overview

Ward Diesel No Smoke System is a nationwide vehicle mounted diesel exhaust removal system which has been installing exhaust systems for over 23 years. The system was designed specifically for the fire and emergency service industry, and offers factory direct service technicians with stocked service vehicles to provide onsite installation and service to their customers. Ward Diesel has completed thousands of installations throughout the country and across the world. They have developed a strong reputation for a quality product, a superior method of source capture, and an excellent track record of service after the initial installation.

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